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Chihuahua Matilda adopted!

Matilda has been adopted!
Matilda has been adopted!
OC Animal Care

For readers following the details about Matilda, the Chihuahua in Orange County waiting to be adopted after the death of her owner, Matilda has been adopted.

Readers understood that dogs like Matilda don't have long in a shelter. Older dogs are not often wanted, with many preferring puppies.

With it being stated that Matilda is 6 years old, some would consider this too old for the dog to be rescued or adopted. Other realize Matilda will have a lot of years to be a companion dog to the new owner.

The Facebook video of Matilda showed readers how lively she is and readers can view the video of Matilda that was shared on Facebook.

If readers are looking to add a pet to their family, many are available through their local animal shelters, pet rescues and the local Humane Society. Also, anyone looking for a pet may want to check with local veterinarians, as a vet's office will often have a list of pets that must be placed.

Pets that have lost an owner due to a death are often placed in shelters or rescues as the family members do not have the ability to care for the animals.

Details about another story with a happy ending can be viewed here.

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