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Chihuahua drives owner's car, crashes into another car

A chihuahua left in a running car by his owner went for an accidental joyride that ended in a minor fender bender. The man says that he ran into a store leaving his car running and his pup inside -- and the dog somehow shifted the car into gear and began rolling backwards. The car bumped another car in the parking lot and the woman in the car was shocked when she saw the little dog at the wheel.

"And when I looked up, uh, there was nobody in the car -- just a little chihuahua up on the steering wheel, peeking over looking at me," the woman recalled. The damage was minimal and no one was injured.

The chihuahua obviously had no idea what was going on but pet owners should use this story as a precaution when leaving their animals unattended in a running vehicle. As you can see, anything is possible and while this dog's owner never expected such a thing to happen -- it did. And he might think twice about leaving his pet in the running car in the future.

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