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Chief Keef Says 'Love Will Kill You', Talks 'Going Harder' In The Future

Chief Keef talked about love on twitter
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Chief Keef is one to tell the world about his entire life through social media. If you follow his twitter page you probably know this already but if not, you're in for a treat.

Often Sosa's tweets are random and talk about things like women, drugs and guns. Other times the 18-year-old rapper tweets out song lyrics or promotes his videos. You'll almost always see a photo of him with his dreadlocks and gold chains on any given day.

Chief's most recent tweets seem to talk about the death of this cousin, Big Glo, who was shot to death and then how love will kill you. Random, but that's just Chief's style.

"Me having a good heart put me in some fu--ed up Situations! Show no love, Love will get u killed," he said. He also tweeted this message about Big Glo : "R.I.P blood I'm too turnt for u Finna go even Harder."

Obviously, Chief Keef has a lot on his mind and luckily for his fans, he doesn't filter anything. He just says what he thinks. Maybe that's what fans like about him -- after all his music is often too hard to understand!

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