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Chief Keef questioned in shooting: Rapper totes shooting victim to hospital

Chief Keef, the popular Chicago rapper, was questioned by police about his possible involvement with a shooting at his manager’s home. After the shooting, Chief Keef drove his wounded friend to a Chicago area hospital, according to The Inquisitr on March 27.

Chief Keef questioned after being at the scene of a shooting on Wednesday.

The popular rapper was taken to the police station to be questioned by police regarding this shooting, but no charges were filed against Chief Keef. His manager reports that the rapper was not involved in this event. The incident was on Chicago’s North Side on Wednesday and the Northfield Police said that the victim of this shooting is in Skokie Valley Hospital listed in stable condition.

The shooting was the result of the rapper’s two friends getting into an argument that got heated enough for the gun to come out. The shooting happened at the rented home of Chief Keef’s manager, a house that police are well acquainted with. Neighbors claim that the house is the site of frequent problems resulting in several visits from the police in the recent past.

MTV reports that the rapper was taken into custody, but later released. While not much more has been released about this crime, it is serious enough for the police to close off the street for six blocks in the area. They report the street will remained closed off until Friday.

Chief Keef has quite the police record already at 19-years-old, with a number of drug and weapons convictions. It appears that the more trouble he gets into, the more popular he becomes.

After doing some time recently in rehab, he came out calling the place a prison-like environment and then made a hit out of song titled “F*ck Rehab.” He’s getting up there in popularity, there’s even a recent picture of Chief Keef with Kanye West in a recording studio. His latest recording projects, have titles that seem to suggest violence, they are called “Bang 3” and “Bang 4.”

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