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Chief Keef Claims Big Glo Was Killed With 'A Smile On His Face'

Big Glo was killed in Chicago
Big Glo was killed in Chicago

Chief Keef is mourning the death of his cousin, Big Glo, AKA Bloodmoney GBE. Apparently, Big Glo was shot and killed on the harsh streets of Chicago on Thursday, April 10.

It's sad to see yet another aspiring rapper get killed just when he was on the verge of making it big but unfortunately this is becoming a common thing in Chitown.

According to reports, Big Glo was shot multiple times and later pronounced dead at a local hospital. He had recently been signed to Interscope records and was working on his debut album. Media Take Out is reporting that he had already recorded songs with Sosa and the 18-year-old rapper seconded that with a tweet saying that he planned to release his cousin's song after his tragic death. Sosa also said that Glo died with a "smile".

"I can get killed if I'm lien I seen Blood He Was Dead With A Smile on His face!" Chief Keef tweeted.

Sadly, this won't be the last young man killed in Chicago. Hopefully the killer or killers of Big Glo will be found so his family can have peace.