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Chickens AK-47: Chickens, Kalashnikovs, fireworks and pot found in crazy crash

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Chickens, AK-47 assault rifles, marijuana and fireworks. Sounds like a shopping list for a cracked-out con. That’s not far off from the truth, considering the 21-year-old Pennsylvania man who was arrested after crashing his SUV was charged with intent to deliver. Talk about fowl play.

Seth Grim, mug shot seen here, was traveling on Interstate 79 in Amma, West Virginia when his dog tried to jump out of the widow, causing Grim to lose control and roll his Ford Explorer. Officers responding to the scene found a mash-up of potential contraband – marijuana, AK-47s with ammunition, fireworks that had been altered and 40 live chickens running all over the highway.

Grim, from Emmaus, Pennsylvania, was treated at the hospital for minor injuries, then arrested. He is being held on a $25,000 bond. Other weapons were found at the scene; police did not release details on the type or number.

Writes NBC News: “A West Virginia interstate highway was closed for almost seven hours Friday morning when an SUV overturned and spilled its bizarre cargo of 35 to 40 chickens, a dog, a jar of marijuana, an AK-47 rifle, a large load of ammunition and altered fireworks that police initially thought might be bombs, authorities said. The dog died, the chickens ran around for a while and the driver was thrown in jail.”

Police called in a bomb squad when they saw “improvised explosives,” which were later determined to be fireworks that Grim had altered.

As they say, gun-toting, pot-smoking birds of a feather flock together.

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