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Chicken plant cockroaches: Foster Farms plant remains closed to address issues

A chicken plant cockroaches infestation is keeping a Foster Farms processing site located in California closed for a while longer due to additional time being needed in order to address health and sanitation issues. Firm officials have confirmed that the plant will remain closed for at least several more days, though government inspectors have formally lifted the suspension. NBC News provides the information on these changes this Monday, Jan. 13, 2014.

Chicken plant cockroaches: Foster Farms plant remains closed to address issues
Image File, The Berkeley Patch

The chicken plant cockroaches scare averted many in the public from purchasing any Foster Farms chicken in recent weeks this year. Although company officials asserted they would be reopening the Livingston, California, plant in the near future, the site will stay closed for the time being.

The processing locale was shut down in early Jan. 2014 after U.S. Department of Agriculture examiners discovered live cockroaches within the processing materials for not the first, but the fifth time in under half a year. The government inspectors await a sanitation overhaul of the Foster Farms site, though no precise or even anticipated time for reopening the chicken plant has been set yet.

"The company is exercising vigilance and choosing to dedicate additional time to ensuring its preventative plan is fully realized with the most effective technology and treatments available," a formal statement from a press release on the issue affirmed.

This Monday, members of the UDA Food Safety and Inspection Office noted that following the chicken plant cockroaches discovery, the processing site has not once resumed normal business operations, and will not be able to do so until changes are made. Inspectors are also continuing to monitor agreement from Foster Farms in detailing and enacting a plan to improve overall levels of cleanliness.

Aside from these cockroaches at the Foster Farms chicken plant, other locales have been under federal review following dangerous health outbreaks of both salmonella and food poisoning in recent months.

At a time when these sanitation issues are addressed, business at the chicken plant may resume normally (though public response might not be so favorable). However, concludes the report:

“Despite the illnesses and a federal shutdown threat, the plant remained open and issued no recalls for potentially tainted chicken until it was officially put out of service.”

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