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'Chicken or the egg' question answered on 'Survivor'

Jeff Probst didn't hear the answer to the "chicken the egg" question.
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

The classic question of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” question was answered on “Survivor.” It was a member of the Beauty Tribe that came up with one of the most unique answers to this age-old question. On the latest episode of “Survivor,” which aired on March 12, it was LJ that gave the memorial answer.

After winning reward tribe, the Beauty Tribe was given chickens. They group fist discussed where eggs came from. Then the ageless “chicken or the egg” question came up in the conversation.

LJ answered that question in the strangest and most unique way. The “Survivor” contestant believes that eggs came first. His reasoning behind his answer was because of “dinosaurs.” He believes that eggs came first because dinosaurs, that lived millions of years ago, laid eggs.

Does this member of the Beauty Tribe on “Survivor” believe that dinosaurs laid chicken eggs? If so, how do chicken eggs still exist now that dinosaurs are extinct?

Had the Brains Tribe won reward, it is possible that the conversation would have taken a different turn. However, based on the way that the Brains Tribe is playing survivor, they may not have been able to come up with a better answer.

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