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Chicken eggs in spring - get your girls in top laying condition

Eggs ranging in size from quail to turkey
Eggs ranging in size from quail to turkey

Popular lore says that chickens start laying right around Valentine's Day - what better gift to find in the barn than eggs!

Sure enough, eggs on our homestead started arriving last week and, after a long, long 'dry spell', they are so welcome!

Giving your birds a boost of protein and calcium will help them to get back in the swing of things and ensure that they are in tip top nutritional shape. Try some of these tips to help them along:

  • Eggy bread: Take one box of Jiffy muffin mix, twelve eggs, 1/4 cup of milk or vegetable oil. Crack the eggs into a bowl, crush the shells finely and add them too. Add the milk / oil and mix well. Put into greased 9x12 pan, and bake at 400F until golden brown. For an added natural de-wormer, add 2tbsps of cayenne pepper.
  • A couple of cans of tuna in oil or water gives birds a great protein boost.
  • Silver Pullet Poultry gives a great recipe for a supplement for birds that really works! 3 of oats, 2 barley, 1 sunflower hearts, 1 safflower, and 1/2 flax seed.
  • Red cell for horses is a nutritional powerhouse! It can simply be mixed in to their food. It is a liquid, and should be readily available at the feed store.
  • Calf manna is a great source of fats and protein. Feed sparingly, you don't need much to hit the spot.

Katy Light has a 44 acre homestead in North GA, where she raises goats, bunnies and chickens. Find her blog at She can be reached at

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