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Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

I know that I typically write about events and such but the truth is that I got my love of cooking from my family, my Latina and Country family- we grew up with home made meals on the table. We never ate fast food and went out to eat on special occasions only. The house always smelled delicious! So as I was searching the internet for a quick epic recipe for a chicken Caesar salad wrap I said to myself-- uh Shari this is why you have a blog so you can make these things up and you can post them-duh!

So here goes nothing!

First of all what you will need

*1 rotisserie chicken (I might add that I am obsessed with these pre-made ones from the market cause they are easy and delicious and I just take off the skin and chop them all up and take off all the fatty parts)

*1 jar of Caesar dressing (I used Litehouse- keep in mind you will not use the whole jar-- well unless you want to but I recommend getting in a gigantic workout tomorrow if you do)

*2 tomatoes chopped up
*5 whole white mushrooms roughly chopped
*Half a head of lettuce (whatever kind you prefer)
*1 bushel of watercress (I used this cause it was available and I love it but you can use spinach or arugula if you prefer)

*1 package of garden spinach herb wraps (or you could use pitas too!)

*Some shredded Parmesan cheese (to sprinkle on the inside of your wrap as you please)

It's all really very easy it is mostly about building the wrap except for-

I chopped up the chicken and added some seasoning to taste- salt and pepper (I actually ended up adding some dried chives about 2 tablespoons) and added in about 4 tablespoons of the dressing and mixed it all together in a bowl

Chopped the tomatoes
Chopped the mushrooms
roughly chopped the lettuce and watercress

Now build your wrap and enjoy!
I started off with some dressing on the bottom a lot of the lettuce watercress mix and then some mushroom and tomatoes followed by some chicken and Parmesan.

I roll one side then tuck in both ends and finish off the roll- this keeps my wrap easy to eat and makes it so all the goodness stays inside!

Side notes:

I usually make recipes to serve 2 people but we always have leftovers but I do that on purpose- Jake always takes extras for lunch :) so these end up serving about 3-4 give or take (Jake is a growing umm man? and eats his fair share :)

I will also say- I am no nutritionist I am just a normal person who likes to eat all kinds of things but also lives a regular active lifestyle- so I don't know calorie counts for the recipes I post.

Cheers and thanks for reading!


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