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Chick Evans Golf Course ends with a 3

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This Forest Preserve Golf course is an 18 holes course at 6145 N. Golf Road in Morton Grove, Ill. The 18th hole is par three. Its average distance from the rear, Blue teeing ground to the putting green is 191 yards.

The average distance from the middle, White teeing ground to the putting green is 181 yards. One hundred twenty-eight yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground to the putting green. This hole has a #16, course hole handicap.

This hole’s fairway slopes downward, and the putting green is at least five feet lower than either the Blue or White teeing ground. It is better for golfers to fly their golf balls over this putting green than for golf balls to land too short. The best, club choices for golfers to use from the rear, Blue teeing ground are 5-woods and 3-irons.

Pointing north, this fairway has extensive rough in front of the water hazard. It is extremely unlikely that any golfers can hit out of this rough and onto the putting green. Therefore, golfers should apply the Rules of Golf procedures for unplayable lies or balls in water hazards.

The putting green is medium size and oval. This green has at least two levels. Due to the steep slope, it is better for golfers’ balls to be below the hole than to be above the hole. As such, uphill putts that miss the hole will not travel as far as downhill putts that miss the hole.