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Cuckoo chick
Cuckoo chick
Renee Caldwell


  • Jay 5 years ago

    I was just out in the yard surveying and considering the possibility of chickens. I was wondering when the time was right for chicks and what they would need in the beginning of my chicken keeping exploration. Thanks or the timely advice!

  • Profile picture of Renee Caldwell
    Renee Caldwell 5 years ago

    My pleasure! Take a look at my other articles for helpful hints on other aspects of raising them and keeping them safe and healthy. I'm always happy to answer questions, too.

  • Dave Shuck 5 years ago

    I am following your blog now and have liked what I have seen. I am having trouble following all of the laws as they change from city to city. Here in Belton, they will only allow 4 chickens. I have friends in KC MO who can have 15. Down in Harrisonville, they can only sell them in lots of 12 or more. When I suggested that I would like to have more than 4 chickens, I was told "It's the law" by a Belton city clerk and was assured that I would never be allowed to have more. When I said that I would look into how to change the law, she gasped as if I had said that I wanted to sell human organs by the pound on the side of the road. How can we change the perception of chickens as only living on big farms and help people to understand that they can have a place in 21st century suburbia?

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