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Chicago, winter, golf gerunds form upon monitors

Gerunds (-ing) are English language, grammatical, verbal forms. For this article, golfing would be the most relevant gerund. Putting, driving, slicing, hooking, fading, punching and chipping would be other, pertinent, golfing gerunds.

Cleaning her spiky, golf shoes, Sheba wondered if Chick Evans Golf Course would open in May.
Cleaning her spiky, golf shoes, Sheba wondered if Chick Evans Golf Course would open in May.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins
Looking at the snowy sign near Black G.C., Carl decided to park on another street.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

This 2014, Chicago winter definitely had snowing. Snow blowing and snow drifting occurred in and around Chicago-land and its golf courses. Shoveling snow, many Chicagoans got sore backs.

As of this articles date, snow is clinging to tree trunks. Covering golf course fairways, snow allows cross-country skiers to practice. Wearing spiky golf shoes, some pedestrians can safely walk upon the ice on golf course sidewalks.

Frolicking canines may leap and roll in the snow. Tweeting birds will be absent. Buzzing mosquitoes will be absent. Erratically flying flies will be absent.

Budding marigolds and carnations will not show themselves until later in the year. Blossoming into flowers, some plants will permeate the nearby atmosphere with pleasant scents. Tickling, human nostrils, other plants will cause sneezing.

Freezing temperatures are still causing icicles to form. Melting snow will occur on hundreds of thousands of Chicago sidewalks. Melting and pooling on many curbs, snow will not drain into sewers if these sewers are blocked.

Practicing at driving ranges, golfers can loosen their muscles. Wearing loosely-fitting clothing will prevent such golfers from sweating excessively. Eating/drinking hot soup after walking around golf courses can warm bodies further.

Sitting in awkward positions, some readers may get cramps in their legs. Listening to loud music, some readers may become inattentive. Reading this Chicago, winter, golf, gerunds article will entertain, and maybe teach, some readers about this winter and golf.