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Chicago White Sox embrace Social Media

White Sox
White Sox
Jeffrey Mitchell

Baseball, more than any other sport, is conducive to networking amongst the fans. I’ve had more interesting conversations and met more people during a baseball game than any other sport. There is just a natural sense of community which encourages fans to interact in the stands and spend time chatting between innings. It is different than the atmosphere you find at a Bulls, Bears or Blackhawks game, probably because of the faster pace of those games. While I happen to root for both Chicago teams, you will find me at US Cellular field 99% of the time, which is why I’d like to highlight what the White Sox are doing with Social Media.

As a fan, I recommend following #soxsocial, #soxnation, and #whitesox for useful updates about the team and especially during the games. The White Sox are on Twitter as @whitesox and announce giveaways using this ID. I have even seen the team display some tweets on the scoreboard during the game. The facebook page has lots of photos from the game and even more personal content than the landing page. I know the site was recently hacked, but so were the accounts of several other teams, I would not worry about the security of the site. You will also see that the Sox are present on Pinterest, G+ and more! For a complete list of the social media tools, this is a great source:

So now that the White Sox have a social community in place, use it! During the game, don’t hesitate to have your own “tweet ups” or discuss how the game is going. The use of Social Media will only enhance the opportunities for fan experiences, and one of the best upcoming events will take place on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 when the Sox host a Social Media Night: There are a lot of free items such as #soxsocial t-shirts, and the goal is to make this the trending topic on Twitter during the 7th inning stretch!