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Modern dating in Chicago

Dating. It's an experience most people tend to avoid with a boyfriend that they found on one of the newest dating sites. Tinder, OKC, Plenty of Fish, and Grouper are becoming the norm in dating stories. Ask any of the twenty something’s in your office about their dating story and they most likely stem from one of those dating sites or college.

Dating in your twenties is an experience now. Don't go to Match to meet someone in their twenties, forget eharmony, if it costs money you will most likely not find anyone breaking out the wallet. They would have to be desperate to sign up for one of the older sites. You pay and nothing comes from it but you can do it free in other places. This is a new generation where people are not willing to spend any money for an experience until proven it works. We want fast, easy, and we want it now. Dating this modern day takes work but now the work involves a profile your willing to share with numerous people you will never meet. Scared to meet someone in person? Worried about what your profile says about you? Hopeful that maybe one of the numerous people online will be the one? This site is for you. Dating in this modern age needs a navigation tool. This blog can help you. This blog won’t be able to solve all your problems but commiserate with us as we navigate the Chicago dating scene.

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