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Chicago wants you to be happy

I want you to be happy!
I want you to be happy!

March 3rd is "I want you to be happy" day, so make sure to celebrate with loved ones. Sure, this is probably another holiday created by a greeting card or candy company, but who cares? It's always easier to show others we care when there's a hyped up reason, so take advantage of this random "holiday."

Don't just wish happiness upon your loved ones, but show them. Send a free E-card, surprise your best friends with Starbucks, or embrace the opportunity to explore the beautiful city we live in. It's warming up a bit in Chicago and we can actually see the sun, making it perfect to get out and spend time with friends and loved ones.

Is it music that makes you or someone special happy? If so, check out The Streets On Fire for free tonight at the Empty Bottle (9:30 p.m.). Or, maybe you and your friends are more food people. If that's the case, Tapas Valencia in the South Loop is celebrating their first birthday party (4:00-10:00 p.m.). You'll get $1 mini desserts and a $20 gift certificate for a return visit. Free food; that makes people happy! If you've already eaten and are ready for your grapes, Just Grapes offers a themed wine tasting the first Wednesday of every month (doesn't the irony of this day make you happy?) from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, or who you choose to celebrate with, remember the underlying theme of this made-up holiday: showing happiness. There's not better want to strengthen those interpersonal relationships than to show others just how important they are to you. There's no greater feeling than seeing a loved ones face light up and knowing you put that smile there. Chicago, I want you to be happy, today, and every day!