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Chicago taxpayers lose again; on the human value chain they come up short

Chicago future is in the hands of the taxpayers
Chicago future is in the hands of the taxpayers
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Are the most vulnerable Chicagoans under-protected?

Some might disagree, but others do as another bright future lie dead in a Chicago morgue.

To some, the untimely death of children is not surprising in the city, but that shouldn't be the case. Death is too devastating to be common, but today as a 20 year old University of Chicago student is pronounced dead., hundreds of area youth in walk the streets under-protected.

Despite its enormous debt, the Second City ranks as one of the world’s biggest economies, however, the way the city safeguards its most vulnerable citizens is suspicious.

As Chicago police investigate the University of Chicago’s student’s death, the question still remains; why are so many kids killed in Chicago?

People protect what they value

As Chicagoans age, they will need to be replaced in the workforce. If Chicago intends to be financially stable and maintain its economic position in the world, they will need to better protect its most vulnerable citizens because they are getting killed at an alarming rate.

Does Chicago really appreciate its youth?

It’s a dim light to shine, though; because of the high financial and economic threats to the city, but everyone should know the impact of being under-protected. The long term social and economic impacts are clear. Besides job replacement, today’s youth and future grown-ups perform other important roles in the economic development of society such as fostering new innovation and entrepreneurship.

Just look at the young billionaire that created Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg. He wasn’t even 20 years old when he founded the world’s most popular social network. Recent studies reveal that Facebook has created hundreds of thousands of new jobs across the world.

What if the next Mark Zuckerberg was a child living in Chicago right now?

Explain away the pain

Certainly no one believes the city isn’t actually trying to do everything it can to combat the killing of its youth. Some will even try to flash a different light that touts the fact that homicides are down in Chicago, but they are still too high when compared to other cities of similar size and resources, especially when it comes to the murders among the youth.

Likewise, one or two good numbers does not always mean a positive outcome is on the horizon. Those numbers can also reveal what many Chicagoans already know; the city needs to do more to protect the city’s youth.

At the end of the day, this is true: every person has economic value to society. If given the opportunity, everyone can provide a real benefit. Investing more financial resources to protect Chicago’s most vulnerable citizens makes smart economic sense.

Chicagoans: don’t let another child be killed before standing up and asking your politicians for more protection. Don't let the powers-that-be off the hook. Your tax payer dollars earn you a right to have a voice in how money is used to protect citizens in Chicago.

What do you think?

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