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Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy hospitalized

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy
Photo by John Gress/Getty Images

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is hospitalized after checking himself into a hospital on Thursday morning. A McCarthy spokesperson, Adam Collins, said that Chicago’s top cop underwent a common procedure to address a blockage in his arteries. The procedure went well and McCarthy remains in the hospital, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Thursday.

McCarthy will remain in the hospital for a few more days during the recuperation period from the procedure. The spokesperson also said in a prepared statement that McCarthy appreciates the well wishes he has received. It is also said that the superintendent of police looks forward to being back on patrol with his follow-officers very soon. During the interim, First Deputy Superintendent Alfonza Wysinger is in charge of the Chicago Police Department, according to an ABC News report.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed McCarthy to be his superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. Emanuel appointed McCarthy just over three years ago after Emanuel was elected to be Chicago’s mayor. Prior to the Chicago assignment, McCarthy was the chief in the Newark Police Department. Prior to that job, McCarthy was a New York City police officer for approximately 30 years.

McCarthy, 55, became a nationally known figure during his three years in Chicago. First and foremost, the number of murders and the amount of crime in Chicago has put Chicago on the crime-map and has put the spotlight right on the superintendent as well as Mayor Emanuel. Chicago had more than 500 murders committed in its locales during the year 2012 – the first full year that McCarthy was in charge of the city’s police department. Additionally, McCarthy made headlines during the NATO Summit which brought world leaders to the city. That experience was more of a positive for McCarthy than a negative.