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Chicago students, your online tutor is now ready!

Tutors are waiting online to assist Chicagoland students
Tutors are waiting online to assist Chicagoland students
Renee Gaddone

General Academic, an academic consultancy, announced that its live, on-demand homework help service is now available to Chicagoland students on

Short for General Academic Questions and Answers, GAQNA uses advanced web conferencing software to enable on-demand access to its tutors, who are trained to assist students with all levels of academic studies.

“We designed GAQNA to be the ultimate homework companion and to make parents’ evenings less stressful,” said General Academic Founder Shelby Joe. “We’re particularly proud of the face-to-face audio and video interaction that’s made possible and safe because the tutors are physically located and managed in our Dallas and Houston offices versus working remotely from home like other services.”

GAQNA employs “Peer Tutors,” who are often current undergraduates or recent college graduates.
“We’re very fortunate to have such easy access to so many fantastic tutors,” said Joe. The organization prides itself on staffing quality tutors to handle any question on a multitude of subjects.

GAQNA is available Sunday through Thursday between 2pm and 10pm US central time and 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays. Parents pay a fixed fee of just $39 per day, regardless of when the student logs on and off. Fees cap out at $390 per student per month meaning that parents get the best value, and students get the best grades by logging in often and staying late. Families only pay for what they use and there are no long-term commitments.

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