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Chicago school attire

Dressing for the occasion
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When you are walking into a school in Chicago, you are likely to see a lot of comfort conscious people. The teachers and assistant teachers have to be ready to get down on the rug or floor and work with the children, especially if the children are in pre-K to third grade. Nobody that you see there is likely to be wearing eye catching, chic clothes, although there will be exceptions. Since they are doing things like finger painting and coloring with markers with their students, they will need clothes that can get dirty without ruining them.

Jeans are a likely part of a teacher's outfit these days. Twenty years ago, teachers wore dressier clothes to teach, although they did messy things at times, when they wore an apron,and dressed down sometimes, because that was expected of them. Students, even the littler ones, are distracted at times, by the dressy clothes, and comment about what the teachers are wearing, which can sometimes result in a lesson about colors or art forms, but not always. What teachers wear in a private school, like the clothes our model is wearing in the picture, is less expensive because private school teachers usually earn less money for clothes. And the sandals? Well, looking forward to spring, teachers will need to keep cool when spring is here, at times.

So, if you plan to work in a school, you are likely to need to dress down to wear the right attire there. Wearing black separates is a safe way to dress to fit in, in a school in the Chicago area, even if you are a new teacher and you work in the Chicago Public Schools, since they are talking about reducing pensions for new teachers, according to Karen Lewis, the President of the Chicago Teachers' Union, in a recent interview. That might make it necessary to save money on your own for retirement and do something like start your own IRA, if you possibly can, and wear inexpensive clothes whenever you possibly can. So keep an eye out for money concerns and your budget, if you haven't already been doing that. You'll have an easier time financially if you do, especially in the Chicago area schools.

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