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Chicago's top cop defensive about Montrose Beach melee as suspects are charge

Chicgo top cop Garry McCarthy
Chicgo top cop Garry McCarthy
Photo by John Gress/Getty Images

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy found himself on the defensive once again on Monday. Rather than defending the Chicago Police Department for a number of shootings or deaths over the weekend, this time he was defending the police presence at Montrose Beach on the city’s North Side after a melee erupted at an unlicensed party along the Lake Michigan lakefront. According to the Chicago Tribune on Monday, McCarthy said that his department had enough police officers at Montrose Beach on Sunday to deal with the violent incident.

McCarthy said that Montrose Beach and the rest of the parks around Chicago have been receiving significant attention and he asserts that the police will continue to cover them. As McCarthy was publicly defending his force’s presence and actions again, five persons were being charged with criminality in the incident. Previously, it was reported that ten persons were arrested at the scene on Sunday, but the latest report says five persons are being charged at this time, according to Got News Wire.

Of the persons charged, Efrain Saucedo, 23, and Emmanuel Lopez, 19, were charged with felony aggravated battery. Both men are from Aurora in the western suburbs. Both of them were seen throwing bottles at two police officers who were struck as they responded to the melee by the lake. Additionally, a 19-year old man from Summit which is a nearby southwest suburb and another 22-year-old Aurora man were charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault to a police officer and misdemeanor mob action. A 17-year-old Chicago male was also arrested and charged with misdemeanor mob action and felony criminal damage to property. Others have been arrested and face a variety of potential charges for their actions during the melee.

During this press conference which is usually held every week, Chicago’s top cop appeared to show frustration about the media questioning the melee in which four of his officers were injured. The mear-weekly pressers usually show McCarthy reporting on his police department’s gun seizures. At this press conference, McCarthy said that he is trying to tell the media about gun violence in Chicago – which, he says, is his number one thing. He went on to say that we had people who died over the weekend, and the disturbance at the park is something that will be fixed as they move forward. He concluded his talk by saying that Chicago has a problem here, and he would like to bring attention to it.