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Chicago‘s “One Mic” night

Mayor Rahm Emanuel   “It takes a Village”
Mayor Rahm Emanuel “It takes a Village”


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Hotel Palomar

On Sunday night, June 1, 2014 Chicagoland area radio stations WGCI- 107.5 Hip Hop and R &B, V103-Old School and R & B, 1690WVON-Talk Radio, Power92.3 Chicago and Soul 106.3, stopped the music for the people of Chicago to become one voice, one message on one mic. The objective focused on Chicago residents sharing their thoughts, experiences and, ideas as to what possible solutions could be implemented to eliminate the escalation of gun violence. The two hour “One Mic” segment was moderated by ABC7’s, Evelyn Holmes. The guest panel was comprised of; Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Power 92.3 Frankie Robinson, 106.3, Soul Mike Love, WGCI 107.5 Morning Show, Tony Sculfield, V103 Joe Soto, 1690WVON Matt McGill and, Torrey Barrett; Director of K.L.E.O Community Life Center.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel initiated the conversation by explaining that “gun violence in Chicago is not just, a problem affecting high risk neighborhoods”, he continued by ensuring resident living in these areas of the support being extending from surrounding neighborhoods and, all of Chicago stands with them. He also revealed the passing of State legislation which “establishes a new process to automatically expunge records of juveniles who have been arrested but not charged”. Juveniles with criminal records will also be entitled to apply for expurgate. City of Chicago, Office of The Mayor press release explains; the passing of the Expurgate Bill SB978 was sponsored by Senator Kwane Raoul and State Rep. Arthur Turner, it is scheduled to take effect starting “2015”. The Expurgate Bill requires the Illinois State Police to automatically expunge annually all juvenile arrest that meet the following conditions:

• The minor was arrested and no petition for delinquency was filed with the clerk of circuit court
• At least 6 months have passed since the date of the arrest and there have been no other arrests during the period
• Record is electronically stored in the ISP database
• Arrest was not for a Class 2 or higher felony offense or a sex offense
• Arrest occurred on January 1, 2015

Emanuel stated; “our young people should not be held back by a mistake in their past”. “Automatically expunging these records will help make sure we are putting young people on a path to prosperity giving them an even playing field and equal shot at accessing education, financial aid, housing and employment”.
One most impactful theme held throughout the two hour “One Mic” forum by the panel was, reinstating the unifying strength of “It takes a Village”. The volume of participation was high, callers shared emotional experiences and expressed ways in which the surge of gun violence has altered their everyday comings and goings. Participates suggested other factors, that could possibly decrease incidents of gun violence that involved education, restored parental guidance, ending the tendencies of talking too the youth and, begin to talk with them. If you are a parent or know of someone in search of additional educational opportunities for our youth, check out “Parent Power Chicago”.

Applauds is giving to the “One Mic” host and panel for not just opening the air waves but, for opening awareness of the lasting effects gun violence has on the shooter, victim, all families involved, those who witness such incidence and resident of these areas. Plans are in the making to ensure that the Chicagoland, 4th of July celebrations are safe and enjoyable, if you wish to get involved check your local area. When more information becomes available, it will be presented here.

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