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Chicago's newest love: Single Mingle

Spybar: The bump and grind of Round Three, "Blind Date."
Spybar: The bump and grind of Round Three, "Blind Date."

A typical Saturday night at Spy Bar at 646 North Franklin in River North: Stroll in, be given a badge with your relationship status splashed across it, and spin a roulette wheel to find out what your cover charge is: from free to $10.  Sit down with other pretty young things and let the games begin: Three rowdy rounds, with full audience participation.

Round one: "First Base": Contestants answer questions to determine their compatibility (or lack) with the night's featured bachelor(ette).

Round two: "Pop Quiz": Blind answers provided to questions from the bachelor: Lifestyle? Sex drive? Even the little things that make you tick.

Round three: "Blind Date": Watch the contestants spin the "Let's Get Physical" wheel of love and dance blindfolded, groping and pawing their way to the finish.

Billed as Chicago's only live dating show, Single Mingle was launched on January 23rd and already has its own followings on Facebook and Twitter.  Created by Mitchel Migliore and Tana Elise McFarlane, SM is more broadminded than some other matchmaking services in that it caters to both the heterosexual and LGBT communities. 

Contestants are lubricated by an open bar to loosen inhibitions; despite the ensuing bawdy behavior, true matchmaking is the goal. All participants undergo a series of interviews to screen for compatibility and interest level. Even if they do not score a date with the featured bachelor, chances are they will still go home happy with a match from the audience.

Spotlighting the talents of local comedians and musicians, Migliore and McFarlane encourage open application for future shows both as presenters and contestants at

Live shows every Saturday at Spy Bar, now through May 29th.

Tonight's edition: Spring Fever.


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