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Chicago's JakTripper Band - live music from cover to cover.

jaktripper band covers the whole scope of rock n' roll for Chicago and suburbs.
jaktripper band covers the whole scope of rock n' roll for Chicago and suburbs.
jaktripper band

Rock 'n Roll is here to stay, and just in case you were wondering, cover bands are part of the reason why. Lucky for us, the cover band is alive and well, and living in Chicago.  Deep within its roots are dedicated multi-genre musicians and performers who make it their business to bring great bands to life, if only for a few sets.  Some limit themselves to one specific artist or group such as  Bon Jovi, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. Then there are those who cover a wide scope of artists, joining music's past and present to give you, the club-goer, a timeless array of musical snapshots. And let's face it, a good cover band can make your day.

A great cover band can make your night.

JakTripper Band is among those with a steady following of club trotters who want to hear a wider range of music from the 50's through the present.  With a versatile songbook of well known hits, the band offers an eclectic mix of rock, alternative, pop, metal, and blues, which they perform amazingly similar to the original artists, while still maintaining their own sonic identity.  They boast over 250 songs in their diverse catalog, many of which are performed during the band's 2010 Road To Redemption Tour featuring Rock Stars of the Decades, now making its way through the Chicagoland club circuit.

Formed in 2005, members SluGGo, RoY \m/, 4/4, WaD, and Derb decided early on to fore-go the glitzy gimmicks and place the emphasis on the music.  Jak Tripper's front man SluGGo describes the bands philosophy, saying  "We try to choose songs that make people feel good.  We're going strong, and our tagline is  'far from typical,'  meaning that we try to stay out of the mainstream of every other cover band out there."

With an enduring sub-culture of cover bands in existence, SluGGo maintains that "business is booming."  He elaborates on why he thinks this is, "We love the music, we love to entertain, and we love to get in front of people. There's no wigs and no gimmicks.  It's just 'what you see is what you get'." 

What you get is a very entertaining evening.

And with it, an outstanding ensemble of talented musicians who nail artists like Billy Idol, Pink Floyd, Eddie Cochran, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, Bob Marley, Coldplay, Bon Jovi, Doors, Everclear, Lionel Richie, Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simon and Garfunkle, White Stripes, Soul Asylum, and many more.  The band is currently in the studio recording a few select cover songs, along with some of their own material, which is due out sometime in July.  "Not in Kansas Anymore" and "Telekinetic Girl," are both originals that have become popular with JakTripper Band's current fan base.

Their name, by the way, is a collaborative concoction derived partly from - yes, the character Jack Tripper from the 1970's hit TV show Three's Company, but in speaking with SluGGo, there was also some reference to the fact that all of its members are partial to a certain recreational beverage called Jack Daniels.  Hence, a catchy cover band named JakTripper was born.

Take my advise and remember it. 

They've got you covered, after all.

Visit JakTripper Band's website where you can learn more about the band members, upcoming show dates, and locations,  You can also download live tracks, join their mailing list,  and view their comprehensive song catalog. They can also be found on Facebook. and myspace.


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