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Chicago's Groupon surpasses $1 billion mark



  • Fred 6 years ago

    Yes many companies have created billion dollar valuations and become household,, webvan,, and many others. Groupon is great but they have nothing proprietary and their competitors are right on their heels. Most of all you have to understand that their customers and their merchants are not loyal...why would they be?

  • Jeff Louis 6 years ago

    True words, Fred. is a great example, and you're right in saying that customers and merchants are fickle. Yet, if the estimate of $1 million a week in pure profit for Groupon is correct, merchants must be receiving some sort of ROI. The point I was making in the long-term is that in a market as diverse as Chicago, consumers may not be aware of their options. If local retailers are able to capitalize on "coupon day" by converting a few non-customers into customers, don't you think that in markets like Chicago that boast a myriad of local choices (who grow their business by word of mouth) that it would be worth it?

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