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Chicago animal rescue organizations need your help

Cats are among the many animals rescued by animal rescue missions
Cats are among the many animals rescued by animal rescue missions
Photo Credit: George Hodan

A city as resourceful and populous as Chicago has many reserves for emergency situations but non-profit animal rescue organizations comprised of animal shelters and charities, pet food pantries and volunteer based animal rescue groups that provide emergency veterinarian care in addition to foster homes, thrive and rely heavily on the generous donations from loyal animal enthusiasts throughout Chicagoland in addition to the bordering states. Whether it is a local animal rescue organization such as Chicago Animal Shelter Alliance, Animal House Shelter, or a nationwide and internationally based rescue organization such as the ASPCA and Humane Society International, there are endless ways communities can help contribute to saving the lives of the hundreds of thousands of homeless and abused animals that are rescued by these dedicated animal rescue missions.

Donations do not necessarily have to be monetary as these devoted rescue organizations are always in special need of pet food including canned and dry kibble, food dishes, treats, rawhide bones, toys, blankets, vinyl and cloth placemats, newspaper, towels, litter and litter boxes, leashes, collars, shampoo, nail clippers, brushes for grooming and laundry detergent. Even though cats and dogs are the most populous rescued animals, pet food donations can and should include food for all animals including birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, gerbils, hamsters, reptiles, guinea pigs, hedge hogs and even horses depending on where you live. For more information about donating to a pet food pantry in Chicago please contact Safe Humane Chicago located at 3516 W. 26th Street.

The greatest donation you can give to any animal rescue organization is yourself, time and lots of love! Animal rescue organizations would not be in business or successful if they did not have the love of the loyal volunteers who are so faithfully committed to helping these innocent animals. Whether it is for a couple of hours each week or every weekends animals would love to spend time with you. If you are unable to leave your home to volunteer, perhaps you could open your home to fostering homeless pets. Most animal shelters are practically filled to capacity but the good news is more and more people are beginning to open their hearts to fostering pets until a permanent forever home can be found for them. Also keep in mind that foster pet parents are provided with food, litter and veterinarian care which makes animal fostering very feasible.

If you love animals you know that they most certainly deserve a chance to live a joyful happy life just as much as people so please open your heart to helping an animal rescue organization this year.