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Chicago's ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, JR. PAIDEIA ACADEMY replacement school under construction

The ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, JR. PAIDEIA ACADEMY replacement school is located at 7511 S. Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois. This new 106,000 SF three story, steel frame and masonry construction building will include science, computer, music and art classrooms, in addition to a library, gymnasium and dining facilities. This 'C' shaped prototypical is designed to serve 900 students ranging from Pre-K through 8th grade.

LEED Features: This prototype building is targeted to achieve LEED for Schools minimum "Silver" level certification, including 50% green roof.

“Paideia” means the upbringing of the whole child; An “Academy” is a group of authorities and leaders in a field of scholarship, art, etc., who are often permitted to dictate standards, prescribed methods of educating another or “it takes a whole village to educate a child”.

The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Paideia Academy is an educational model which includes a high expectation, liberal arts and science curriculum. The Socratic Seminar methodology is designed to develop students’ abilities to think and express themselves.

The general contractor is Sollitt/Brown & Momen Joint Venture and the architect of record is InterActive Design, Inc. The owner is the Public Building Commission of Chicago/Chicago Public Schools.