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Chicago Ridge Fest to Have Plenty of Dogs for Adoption

Pups Daily

Getting a pet is always fun! As long as you have contemplated the responsibility and life-long commitment, you should have no problem with acclimating to pet life. Anyone who has taken the plunge to spend a decade or so with their dog (myself happily included!) knows the amount that animals give back to their owners. If you are in the market for a new dog, consider visiting Chicago Ridge’s annual Ridge Fest 2011. This year The Humane Society is going to be there and they are bringing some of their most adoptable and friendly dogs for you to visit with and hopefully consider adopting. Reps from the Humane Society are going to be present from July the 28th to the 31st. You can visit with them and talk about what you should be considering if you are in search of a new dog for the summer. Remember that it isn’t a decision to take lightly so you always should talk to a few professionals to get their suggestions on selection of breed, tips and tricks for training and on the seriousness of the commitment. If you are ready—you are going to love what you get back throughout the process. You can call Terri Sparks at the Humane Society at 708-636-8586 for more information. Visit Ridge Fest for the fun, the food and hopefully even a new best friend!