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Chicago remembers: Lincoln College of Technology commemorates September 11

Attendees gather together to commemorate 9/11 during Lincoln College of Technology's 2013 ceremony.
Jody Janes, campus president of Lincoln College of Technology

Chicago will remember and honor the thousands of men, women, and children who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, during the Lincoln College of Technology-Melrose Park’s second annual 9/11 Commemoration Event. This year marks the 13th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11.

"We hope this to be something that doesn't just commemorate 9/11, but also honors the veterans who have served in the war since then," said Jody Janes, Lincoln College of Technology campus president.

The commemoration ceremony will be from 1 to 2 p.m. on September 11, 2014, honoring those who lost their lives during the 9/11 attacks. First responders of Melrose Park will be honored at the ceremony, including police, fire departments, homeland security, and others who went to New York City in response to the attacks, said Janes. A special awards ceremony will also be held for the many Americans who have served and are currently serving in the military.

There will be a number of community outreach organizations and businesses providing free services, demonstrations and activities, for veterans, military and first responders. For a list of some of these organizations, visit the 9/11 Commemoration Event page.

“We want this to also be a ceremony giving veterans in the community the services and help they need,” said Janes.

This is the second year Lincoln College of Technology has held a commemorative event, bringing together those not just on their campus, but also the rest of the Chicago community.

“Lincoln College of Technology has a number of veterans in our community, and we started [this event] with the idea to help people in the community, but it soon became a community-wide event," said Janes. "We intend to continue doing this event in the future."

The event will be held at 8317 West North Avenue, Melrose Park. To register for the ceremony or learn more, visit the 9/11 Commemoration Event page. If you have questions about the ceremony, contact the event organizer, Maggie Lopez, at 708-344-4700, or

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