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Chicago rapper Jelani Latiff holds nothing back on 'My Soul to Keep 2'

Up and coming rapper Jelani Lateef
Photo from Manhood Ent

Today, the rap world seems to be missing a socially conscious voice. Someone that can talk about having a good time, but also talk about real issues, not just bragging about what they have. Jelani Lateef is here to fix that. Born and raised in Chicago, Lateef keeps it real by touching on issues that no one wants to talk about anymore: poverty, life on the streets, and struggling. Taking cues from Common and Nas, this rapper not only has something to say, but he uses quick flow, slick rhymes, and smooth beats to get his message across, making him one of the most promising up and coming rappers. The native rapper's first album, “My Soul to Keep 2,” drops August 18 and it's sure to please any hip-hop lover.

What makes Lateef's music so appealing is the old school spin he puts on it. Songs like “In the Game Now” and “Stop on By” use samples from old soul and r&b songs, giving them a vintage vibe that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. The music will get you hooked before he even gets started. If the music doesn't get you, then his wit and rhymes surely will. Lateef is laid back and keeps it together when rapping about making his life better for his daughter on “Forward Advance,” while on “My Soul to Keep” he mentions how rappers never want to talk about their soul anymore. “Can't Stop” finds him getting personal as he touches on his musical journey and how nothing can stop him now. Lateef has a good time on tracks “Everyday in My Soul” and “307” where he talks about finding that one special girl and having fun in general. With a positive message and witty rhymes that make you think, Jelani Lateef is the socially conscious voice rap has been waiting for.

To check out some of the rapper's music and to learn more, visit his website.

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