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Update: Chicago Public Schools (will not) open in bitter cold temperatures

Chicago temperatures are near-record-setting cold, but schools will be open.
Chicago temperatures are near-record-setting cold, but schools will be open.
Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY, JAN. 6, 2014. Updated information since CPS changed its plan late Sunday afternoon.

All Chicago Public Schools will be open on Monday when the temperatures are predicted to be in the minus teens, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Saturday. The forecast calls for additional snowfall to the city throughout most of the day on Sunday, and then temperatures will drop well below zero for two days.

However, CPS says it is up to parents to decide whether or not they want their children to go to school. If a parent calls in to a school and says a child will not be in attendance, the student will be excused for missing the day.

Reportedly, building engineers will go to the schools to turn up the heat to standard classroom temperatures. If any school has a faulty heating system, students will be taken to alternate schools.

It is also reported that busses are being checked to make sure they are ready to arrive on time on Monday. Any parent who takes their children to school are asked to dress them appropriately for the cold temperatures and to bring them to school at the regular time.

Students will have recess indoors and not taken outside during the school day. WGN-AM radio in Chicago has been announcing that after-school sports will be conducted as scheduled, as well.

Parents with questions may call the CPS hotline: (773)553-3100.

Many suburban schools and Chicago’s Catholic Schools have indicated that they will decide on Sunday whether or not they will open on Monday.

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