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Chicago Public Schools: ISAT Rebellion

ISAT Boycott, March 3, 2014
ISAT Boycott, March 3, 2014

Illinois Standard Achievement Test for, Chicago Public school students began March 3, 2014. It is a mandated test that fulfills requirements of the “No Child Left Behind” school reform act, which is in the process of completion. Parents and teachers from Saucedo Academy located in; the Little Village Neighborhood, along with 80 other Chicago area schools and parents who, opt 1,700 students out of the scheduled test, assembled as a group of protesters and rallied against CPS by refusing to take part, in the State required test.

According to reports; teachers refused to administer the “2014” standardized test, disputing the purpose of so much testing and it’s disruption of regular class time. Protesters also challenge the ISAT scores by questioning how the test benefits students, given that scores would not count toward schools or teachers ratings, nor assist with student promotion or admissions to selective schools. Throughout the duration of the scheduled ISAT testing week, parents, teachers and supporters rallied, voicing refusal of the required state test.

Statements from Chicago Public School Board explained; “the District is required by Illinois Law to administer the ISAT, testing is connected to classroom funding and college preparation for students”. Spokesperson, Mary Fergus representing the “State Board of Education” clarified the “school code law” stating; “parents do not have the right to opt children out of a standardized test”. “Test must be given to each child present and seated with the class, throughout the duration of testing”. School personal governed under the “school code law” must not; “encourage entice or influence students in any form, regarding participation of testing”. Also included was a provision stating; “such activity is deemed engaging in unprofessional conduct, which could lead to suspension or revocation of licenses”. State testing is scheduled to end March 14, 2014.