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Chicago Public Schools cyberbully policy is stupid

Another social issue that we dump on the schools to solve instead of parents
Another social issue that we dump on the schools to solve instead of parents


  • Scott 5 years ago

    I must admit that you make good sense to me again, Ed. Principals, other administrators, and teachers are burdened with so much that isn't preparing today's children for the future. It's a lot of political correctness that occupies their time. If you've read my articles, you know how I blame Daley for appointing a finance guy in charge of Chicago schools instead of someone with education experience compounded with financial smarts. There's got to be at least one candidate like that out there. We need to change our politicians before nonsense like hiring a Huberman-type to run the schools stops. Good call, Ed. -Chicago Conservative Examiner

  • Alice 5 years ago

    Yes, Ed, it is a good call. However, it is very late since good principals have already made it a part of their discipline code under "bullying" and simply suspend offending parties. It is not that complicated. There are ways of handling cyberbullying so that it is just another part of the principal's busy day without making it a Code 6. Threaten the little booboos with heavier penalties if it continues and it usually stops. I went through this last year. It became a non-issue. Huberman and Daley are simply reacting to the parents who are outraged by typical bully behavior. Often they are covering up what their child did to provoke the "bullying". In the four or five cases I had last year, the innocent party was not so innocent. They just were not as good at sending mean messages as the other person...who had more friends.

  • PLorena 5 years ago

    Bullying is a real issue, especially for vulnerable children with special needs who need parents and teachers to step in. My child experienced this when he attended CPS. You are correct in that parents do not teach their children to be kind, help others, etc. any more. Then, they think the schools can fix everything.

    My son, who has special needs (autism), was jumped on in a school play lot. The school refused to help, so I called the police. All bullying has ceased.

  • Ed Hayes--Chicago Ed Ex 5 years ago

    PLorena: You handled a difficult situation perfectly, though it seems the school could have been more supportive. The big picture importance of your experience is that over the last few decades radical liberals, closet Marxists, and the Heather-Has-Two-Mommies people have managed to eliminate core values from our society in general and schools in particular. Religion not only demands tolerance, it promotes helping those less able to help themselves. Patriotism infuses a sense of national pride, and in America, also a sense of strength that again encourages each of us to help the less fortunate. The latin phrase on my Army Special Forces epaulette badge translated to : We Liberate the Oppressed. These are real values, not the false notion of manufactured self-esteem or the hollow and spiritless pretense of fostering diversity. Merit must be individually earned, it cannot be collectively bestowed. The weak must be taught to be strong, not merely sustained in their maladies.

  • Ed Hayes--Chicago Ed Ex 5 years ago

    Thanks Scott, I have read your articles and realize you are in concert with me on the very obvious insanity of non-teachers telling teachers how to teach. It is outrageous, but then, what is there in Chicago that is not ridiculous? But I do have to admit that the non-educational leadership of the last 15 years has been no more inept than the education professionals of the previous 25. There are few credentialed educators with the guts to do the right thing as Superintendent Rhee is doing in Washington DC. I only lament that SecEd Duncan is traveling the country pretending that he has answers when he does not even know the right questions.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I totally disagree - your comments are ridiculous - to compare a sneeze with violence is just ridiculous. Not all children are pamper with cell phone either. your whole article is obsurd - that coming from the mom of a bullied child. I'm so upset with your article I can't even think straight.

    This is the 2nd year my 10 year old is being bullied by the same girls. Yes, they arranged for her not to be the same class, it's like they seek her out in the hallways and outside, I'm at the door everyday when she gets out. I finally caught them bullying her online calling her names and threatening to "whoop her @ss" - copied every word and sent it to the school. I will give them a lil time but not much then I'm going straight to CPS district.

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