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Chicago Protest Brings Family Morale?

When divorce comes to a family, unrest and protest can occur. Emotions run high - impulse, fears and frustration may sabotage clear thinking and actions. In contrast, Chicago's version of the Wall Street protest today seemed very organized - and was reportedly peaceful. What can families in strife take from this?

The new face of civil unrest - calm, diverse and articulate. People were calling for economic justice, jobs, housing, essence, a chance to gain quality of life and restore their family's goals for the future. This desire is often at the heart of what every divorcing family wants too, but many may strain to achieve in such peaceful manner as the protesters conveyed to the world today.

Families in the midst of crisis are often in distress over a loss of stability. Unresolved crisis can lead to the erosion of the family unit. A seed that can lead to family instability: economic loss. The peaceful protestors today took to the streets to be heard. Their families are hurting, in part, because the average Chicagoan's economic permanence and predictability has been compromised. Or, they are college students calling for a chance at a future like their parents or grandparents hoped for.

The Chicago protesters took to the streets and were heard. Limited acts of conflict gave way for the discussion to begin. Even the most dire and emotional of issues can be resolved the same way; even in the home of an ongoing divorce.

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