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Chicago-Portland flight: Unruly passenger gets aggressive on flight

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A Chicago-Portland flight had to contend with an unruly passenger Monday. Jared McKay, 29, became disruptive, aggressive, and demanding on a plane that was flying from Chicago, Ill. to Portland, Ore.

ABC Local reports March 13 that McKay is accused of interfering with a United Airlines flight crew. According to The Oregonian, he appeared in court Tuesday.

An FBI report states that McKay requested four drinks after the Chicago-Portland flight departed. When the jetliner was over Colorado, he got more demanding and belligerent. He was profane, sat in an attendant's seat, and exited the bathroom smelling like cigarette smoke.

The pilot almost diverted the plane, but was informed by the crew that McKay had fallen asleep.

An airplane is the last place anyone wants to be when someone gets loud and demanding. With the fear of terrorism, violence, and anything else that can go wrong in a confined space on a plane, this type of behavior is unacceptable from fellow passengers. At least once the Chicago-Portland flight landed, everyone was safe.

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