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Chicago-Portland flight: Passenger's 'grotesque' behavior 'worried' flight crew

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A Chicago-Portland flight came close to being diverted when a man demanding Jack Daniels became unruly, but he passed out. The United Airline flight passenger, Jared McKay, 29, became belligerent, harassed other passengers and the flight crew, according to The Inquisitr on March 13.

The pilot was just seconds away from heading into Denver to get the unruly passenger off the plane. McKay got on the plane demanding four glasses of Jack Daniels, spilled water on himself and started blaming the water spill on a “terrorist.”

McKay was given two Jack Daniels then the flight crew cut him off, adding more fuel to the obnoxious behavior coming from this man. He also was caught using the bathroom to smoke a cigarette on the flight.

It didn’t take McKay too long after the plane left the ground to start showing his horrendous behavior. He was charged with one count of interfering with the flight crew. Court documents show that the flight attendant described McKay’s behavior as “grotesque” toward her.

He grabbed the flight attendants hand and told her “I would like to keep you all night.” He also said that he “loved” her and suggested he would make the guy next to him move so the flight attendant could sit down with him.

The attendants told the FBI that they were worried he’d break into violent behavior toward them. It was only because he “slipped into unconsciousness” that they didn’t divert the plane and have him taken off.



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