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Chicago Police: Illegal strip search allegations lead to lawsuit

Chicago Police Department
Chicago Police Department

Eight Chicago police officers allegedly conducted illegal strip searches and have been accused of civil rights violations in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday. There is a video recording of the alleged crime. A resident of Chicago’s South Side recorded approximately 20 minutes of May 2013 incident, according to ABC News on Wednesday. The eight officers and the City of Chicago are named in the lawsuit.

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Reportedly, the video shows two men and one woman being searched by Chicago police officers. The federal lawsuit has been filed due to the incidents that happened during the stop and search.

The lawsuit involves Tevin Ford and (the estate of) Robert Douglas, who were cousins, and Caprice Halley who was Douglas’ girlfriend. The alleged victim claims that they were illegally strip searched as the police officers were looking for something. It is alleged that police opened the two men’s pants and looked inside. Douglas was allegedly taken down a gangway and handcuffed to a post and instructed to lower his pants with one arm.

The attorney for one of the alleged victims, Jon Erickson, said that one of the policemen was looking at Douglas’ behind. The attorney said that a strip search has very strict rules, legislating an appropriate way to do these kinds of things – and, he said, these officers didn’t follow any of those rules.

The attorney also said that Halley, the female, was taken down an alley and forced to pull down her pants and squat in front of five male Chicago police officers. She was told to remove her tampon. Yet, it was a female officer who searched her private parts, according to the attorney.

Douglas and Halley were charged with drug possession.

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