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Chicago police ignore protester's bait

The NATO Summit is over, and Chicago Police are getting high marks for providing a safe environment for the peaceful protestors that came to our great city and in taking care of those that decided to disrupt the event.

I walked for two days with the protestors and got an inside look at what happened during these precedent days in Chicago. I witnessed the taunts and also was a recipient of some, from certain individuals that believed that this was the only way to bait us into physical confrontation. No officer took the childish bait because of two things. One, that the taunting was far from original with childish shouts of “I smell bacon” “F...the police” and “Pigs.”

The second and probably most important aspect on why Chicago Police officers were so restrained was that the Chicago Police Department decided months before to bring in veteran officers who have skin thicker than the walls of Fort Knox, and taunts from individuals that are younger than the age of most of the officer’s uniform, only brought the realization that these knuckleheads did not know who they were engaging.

Maybe they thought they were in Oakland or in Seattle, or maybe they thought that these officers would blink an eye to their juvenile verbiage. They soon realized that these officers in Chicago were hard as the structures of the “City of Big Shoulders.” Of course some decided that since the officers were not phased by their infantile words, they made the bold and asinine decision to bait the Chicago Police Officers in other ways, and this was to physically strike them and hope that the multitude of cameras and IPhones would only catch the officers response to the assault, and they can run to the media crying foul.

Those that decided on this hazardous act were sent to the hospital whining about police brutality and licking their wounds. Yes, the NATO Summit is over, and this great city can return to normal, and all those visitors that came here to disrupt the marches can return to the sewer from where they crawled from, and take with them the memories of visiting a city that did not welcome their antics.

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