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Chicago polar bears: Cold weather is even too much at Lincoln Park Zoo

The incredibly cold weather making its way through the United States is affecting just about anyone and everything, and that includes the Chicago polar bears. The Associated Press reported on Jan. 7, 2014, that the polar bear in Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo stayed inside on Monday because the weather was simply too cold.

The cold weather in Chicago is even too much for the ones that are used to it.
Lincoln Park Zoo

Record-low temperatures in Chicago forced the zoo the keep the polar bear, named Anana, indoors.

Sharon Dewar, a spokeswoman for the zoo, said that the below-zero weather in Chicago is comparable to what polar bears experience in the wild. Still, Anana is not like normal polar bears due to her different diet.

Anana's diet doesn't allow her to get the thick layer of fat that polar bears normally have. They get that layer from eating a usual diet in the wild of seals and the carcasses of whales.

Dewar said that the reason Anana's diet has been changed is because the extra layer of fat would make her very uncomfortable the rest of the year when it is warmer.

Anana was allowed back outside on Tuesday, but she always has access to areas that are indoors and outdoors. During her time inside on Monday, she stayed in an area that is kept at a climate of 40 to 50 degrees.

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