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Chicago play highlights reproductive tourism

Chicago Play "Here Where It's Safe" looks at the topics of surrogacy and reproductive tourism.
Chicago Play "Here Where It's Safe" looks at the topics of surrogacy and reproductive tourism.
Photo by Iris Waichler

Writer Margaret Lewis's new play, "Here Where It's Safe" is currently playing at Stage Left Theatre in Chicago.  The play is the story of an American couple, Zach and Abbie, desperate to have a child. They decide to use Beena, a 19 year old Indian woman, as a surrogate to help them build their family.  Abbie goes to India and lives with the surrogate. It is a contrast in cultures.  The surrogate and expectant mother have different expectations  She wants to help her future child and she develops an emotional bond with the surrogate.  The play reflects real life situations where people  do choose to go to other countries to find surrogates. They live with their surrogates and support them through their gestation and delivery.  This practice is know as "reproductive tourism."  You can read more about it at


Surrogacy laws in other countries differ than the laws here in the U.S.  For example, here the name on the birth certificate is the surrogates name. In India that is not the case.  The play examines the choices we make and what the consequences are.  It looks at cultural differences and the legal and ethical aspects of surrogacy. The play looks at peoples beliefs about infertility and infertility treatment 


Stage Left Theatre is a Chicago theater company that has devoted itself to tackling cultural,social and political topics.  Their plays are designed to draw the audience in and promote thoughtful discussion and debate. Here Where It's Safe is playing from February 13-April 3rd.  You can find out more about the play at