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'Chicago PD' season 2 premiere spoilers tease what is next for Lindsay

Lindsay will face another person from her past to kick off season 2.
Lindsay will face another person from her past to kick off season 2.
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"Chicago PD" is getting ready for season two on NBC, and the first spoilers for the season two premiere have just been released. On July 15, E! Online shared a small teaser for the season two premiere, and Spoiler TV also shared the title of the premiere episode with fans of the series.

"Chicago PD" became an instant hit on NBC after its premiere in January. With its connection to "Chicago Fire" and a clear open door policy between the two Dick Wolf produced series, fans tuned in to watch both shows. They did not want to miss one moment of the action. The shows even took things a step further with a crossover romance featuring Lindsay and Severide, who are played by Sophia Bush and Taylor Kinney. The couple heated things up as the season of "Chicago PD" progressed.

Derek Haas revealed the title of the season two premiere on his Twitter on Monday. The episode is oddly titled, "Call It Macaroni." He teased that the title would make sense once the episode aired in September. NBC promised fans a longer season this time around. Season one of the series was a shortened season that NBC added on to as the ratings picked up.

Sophia Bush's character played a large role in the first season, and her character was the center of the action as the season ended. A man from her past returned, and he stirred up trouble for Lindsay and the rest of the Intelligence division.

E! Online reported fans will see another person from her past arrive in the season two premiere. This arrival will give fans even more of a glimpse of her past. The series will explore her childhood. That could explain the title of the season two premiere. It is something that could relate to a family setting.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of "Chicago PD" to NBC? The series will return to the network with season two this fall.

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