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‘Chicago PD’ 1x8 Recap - Halstead can't let go; the unit track a gambling ring

In last week’s episode, Voight is put to the test as his son gets in trouble.

In this week’s episode, titled “Different Mistakes”, the squad looks into a situation that involves cops, one of them being Voight’s old partner as he’s being accused of being dirty.

In this week’s episode, titled “Different Mistakes”, the squad looks into a situation that involves cops, one of them being Voight’s old partner as he’s being accused of being dirty.

The unit learns of a case involving a gambling ring in Chinatown. Things get serious rather quickly as one of the victims is a young boy.

They go and investigate where one of the suspect cars is located (another gambling ring) and Halstead finds himself in trouble as he gets caught snooping and seeing a man beating another man for a name. The man who catches Halstead shows his badge before letting Halstead go.

Halstead learns that the cop that was doing the beating is a cop, Voight’s former partner, Jimmy. They follow him as he meets with some people from Vice before they head off to another gambling ring in Chinatown. The unit follows Jimmy and his group inside and hold them up before any shooting is done.

After the arrests are made, Jimmy tells that he is working under cover to try and take down the triads. While they are talking, there is another robbery, clearing Jimmy, but makes them realize that the real robbers are on the radio.

They create a fake call so to draw out the robbers. When they fall for it, there is a shootout before a car chase ensues.

Jimmy and Voight/Oslinsky go way back, which include a case involving someone named Browning. Lindsey starts asking questions, which irritates Voight and Oslinsky. They basically tell her to stop asking questions and stop looking for answers. Which she obviously doesn’t. She gets the answers she needs from Dawson as he tells her that Browning was responsible for killing Oslinsky’s old partner and then disappeared after he was arrested.

Oslinsky sees Ruzek bragging to his friends from the Academy and has him work patrol so that he can get humbled. So Atwater takes his place and becomes Oslinsky’s partner for the show. But it wasn’t all boring that Ruzek thought it would be. Him and Burgess are able to take down a robber who was yielding a knife.

Voight’s informant at the IAB gets fired and he gets a new informant, Ed, who will certainly be a thorn in Voight’s side. Ed makes his presence known as he sends a new detective, Sumner, to Voight’s team.

It looks like the side stories for the characters are coming back after not being around the last few episodes. Nadia (a drug addict from episode 4) calls Lindsey and asks her to get her clean. She will be staying with her until she can get into a clinic.

Halstead is still watching Lonny, the young man who killed the boy seven years earlier.

The end of the show really leaves a lot of questions. Nadia leaves Lindsey saying she’s not ready for rehab. There is something going on with Ruzek when it comes to Burgess. Could he have feelings for her? The biggest question of all comes from Ed arresting Voight after he takes money from one of his CIs.

In next week’s episode, Oslinsky finds himself in turmoil as his daughter is the only eye-witness to a gang killing and is now the target for them.

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