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‘Chicago PD’ 1x6 Recap - Burgess steps up as the unit take down a rapist

The unit goes after a killer who is raping and killing young women
The unit goes after a killer who is raping and killing young women

In the last episode, the unit discovers a drug-smuggling ring. Lindsay tries to keep Justin out of trouble, and Alvin and Ruzek go on a stake-out together.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Conventions”, the unit goes after a killer who is victimizing people in Chicago and New York.

Rollins (Kelly Giddish) and Finn (Ice-T) make appearances in this show as they help the Chicago PD try and track down a killer who has been killing people in New York and Chicago.

Lindsay gets into an uncomfortable situation as she runs into someone she went to high school with. She gets suckered into going to the high school reunion and tells Halstead he’s going with her as her fiancée. She wants him to act like he’s rich so that she can impress the girls from her high school that she hated.

There is still tension between Justin and Voight. Voight thinks that he’s doing what’s best for Justin, but he could quickly learn that Justin is not that same person that he was before he went to jail.

Ruzek tries to make things right with Alvin after he almost screwed up on the last case in the last episode.

The unit is called upon to find the guy who is killing these women doing any means necessary. This is quickly becoming a trend in the show. It looks like the unit is going to be the unit that the city goes to get justice even if it means bending a few rules along the way.

They are quickly able to find a suspect, named Baker, but have a hard time putting the pieces together to prove that he did it. They catch a break as they get a live victim who can try and help them find the killer. It’s not until later in the show that they find a connection between Baker and the rapist.

Burgess really steps up as she helps crack open the case as she finds the man, named Vance, who they believe is responsible for raping and killing the girls.

The end of the show really gets you wondering. Halstead and Lindsey have a connection that will eventually become to much. They want to do what’s right and not start a relationship, but it probably won’t last forever. Afterwards, Justin goes to Lindsey for help. He has blood on his hands (literally) and said ‘he had to do it’. But what did he have to do?

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