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‘Chicago PD’ 1x5 Recap - Voight creates some tension in the unit

In the last episode, the unit investigate a group going around making counterfeit money. Meanwhile, Burgess and Atwater learn that some cases are deeper then they are on the surface.

The unit discovers a drug-smuggling ring. Lindsay tries to keep Justin out of trouble, and Alvin and Ruzek go on a stake-out together.

For the full recap, you can go here.

In this week’s episode, titled “Thirty Balloons”, the unit discovers a drug-smuggling ring. Lindsay tries to keep Justin out of trouble, and Alvin and Ruzek go on a stake-out together.

Voight continues to work the streets his way and it’s starting to backfire as one of his informants fights back against him. He’s also creating problems in the unit with Halstead as he tells him to back off from Lindsay thinking that they could get together. With this it also creates problems with him in Lindsay. Halstead is not so sure that he trusts Voight and his ways, but has to in order to work the unit.

Voight is feeling the pressure from IA as they are not liking the results that he is giving them. They want to know why he’s only going after big names and not some of the smaller projects.

Burgess/Atwater stumble upon another case as they find a young woman who is bleeding and yielding a broken bottle. They call Voight’s team on the case as they think that drugs are involved. They learn that the woman swallowed 30 condoms filled wit cocaine but one of them burst in of her which caused her manic episode. Sheldon tells the unit that the girl is not alone, but with three more girls.

They were instructed not to dent or scratch the new car but that proves more difficult then it appears. They help out a woman who needs help with food. So they have a great day on the job, but they fail at protecting the car.

The girl with the manic episode tells the unit about how she did it because of her boyfriend and his brother. They know that it was those two men that took two of the girls so they create a plan to find the two guys.

Ruzek and Oslinsky have their first fight as partners. Oslinsky was mad at Ruzek for his attitude during their lookout and tries to teach him how to do the job correctly. Of course, Ruzek is one of those cops that is all about the action and doesn’t like the grunt work.

There is something going on with Justin and Lindsay tries to keep an eye on him, but it doesn’t look like it’s helping. Voight has been using Lindsay as a way to keep an eye on Justin because he knows that there is something going on and doesn’t trust the people that he’s hanging around with.

Big news that is revealed is that there is something going on between Halstead and Lindsay. It’s unclear how deep it goes. Is it just a fling kind of thing or more of a relationship.

There has been teasing about a crossover show of Law and Order: SVU and Chicago PD and February 26th we will get that show. There is a serial killer who is on a rampage killing woman in New York and Chicago. Both units have to come together to take the man down.

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