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‘Chicago PD’ 1x15 Recap - Lindsey finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard

‘Chicago PD’ 1x15 Recap - Lindsey finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place-slide0

In last week’s episode, Voight and the rest of the squad all come together to try and find Pulpo and seek revenge on him for what he did to Dawson and the other cops.

In this week’s episode, titled “A Beautiful Friendship”, Charlie creates havoc in Lindsey’s life as he calls in for that favor she owes him.

In this week’s episode, titled “A Beautiful Friendship”, Charlie creates havoc in Lindsey’s life as he calls in for that favor she owes him.

Charlie certainly makes his presence known as he attacks Annie and he blackmails Lindsey. He wants his ‘payday’ or he’s going to talk about an incident (which we obviously know is going to be bad for Lindsey and her career as a cop) to anyone that will listen.

The squad makes it known to Atwater that Burgess should be there and it’s nice to see that he knows it too. Atwater tries to step up and tries to prove his worth to the squad.

The squad starts working a case that involves an explosion. They find a construction worker who was shot in the head on the site.

Ruzek/Halstead meet with an informant and try to use him to get an in with the man who may be responsible for the robbery at the site. Oslinsky/Atwater meet with an old friend of Atwaters and he asks him for a meeting with Briggs (who they think may have something to do with robbery).

Atwater takes Halstead/Oslinsky/Ruzek to meet with Briggs but Halstead calls an audible as he gets Briggs to talk and asks him about the site bombing but turns out he doesn’t know much.

Ruzek/Halstead get their meeting and lo and behold it’s Charlie that they are meeting with (and Halstead remembers meeting him when Charlie went to talk to Lindsey at the station). Of course Charlie remembers him as well so the meeting is a bust in a sense.

Lindsey asks Sheldon for some ‘off the record’ help. No doubt that this has something to do with Charlie and what he wants. But the squad notice something is off. He goes to talk to Lindsey and she tells him to back off.

Voight talks to Lindsey and she opens up to him about the blackmail that he has on her. Voight promises to help her and Annie.

Dawson does Lindsey a favor by giving Nadia a ride to the clinic for her. After the clinic, Nadia goes to talk to Lindsey and they talk about her new life. He starts to get frustrated when he gets settled in a desk and not be on the field. She proves helpful later in the case.

Dawson/Voight brief the squad about a head man named Ed (whose 2nd hand man is Charlie) and how he’s about to rob a jewelry store. They go after him. After they arrest Charlie, he talks about a murder that was covered up ten years earlier and Voight knows that Lindsey may have held out on telling him something.

Lindsey talks with Charlie. She says that she’s going to cover for Annie (which is a turn of events because we thought that Lindsey did something). She tells him if he talks against Ed then he can make a deal to get out in a year or he can talk about the murder and she has no problem going down with him. Charlie ends up talking.

The group is able to take Ed down and of course it would be an intriguing end to a season. It had a lot of action and drama and of course an exciting car chase to ad to the mix.

Burgess is trying to make the most out of her new partner (who is an older police man who is not exactly in it for the thrill of being a cop). Burgess talks with Platt about her partner. Platt admits that she was just testing Burgess to make sure she wouldn’t take the pass over hard (which she proved that she just works harder).

Sheldon tells Ed about Lindsey and what he did for her. Ed continues to blackmail him because Sheldon doesn’t have details for him. But things are looking well for him as Voight catches him meeting with Ed. Voight talks with Sheldon and Sheldon tells him about the blackmail.

It seems like everyone is holding out on Voight tonight. But it looks like he’s holding some information of his own as he gives Ed what he wants.

Burgess and Ruzek finally get together by the end of the show. But things don’t end well for Dawson as he comes home to an empty house with a note saying that his wife took the kids and is leaving him. And of course what would a season one ending be without a cliff hanger. Voight goes to a sigh and sees Sheldon’s body with a bullet hold in his head (obviously something happened between him and the people who his dad owed money to).

In this new show from creator Dick Wolf, we get to see the gritty work of what it can take to be a cop. This squad stops at noting to get justice in the city. It’s obvious that each of the people in the squad have their own issues and bring something to the table. It’s going to be fun to see these characters develop as the show goes on. Thankfully we get that chance as the show has been picked up for a season 2 which looks like it’s going to get a full season.

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