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‘Chicago PD’ 1x13 Recap - Pulpo returns and causes problems for the Chicago PD

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In last week’s episode, we got a cross between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. A man starts a war on the Chicago fire and police department and it’s going to take all of them to come together to take him down. The first part of the show will air during Chicago Fire on April 29th and the second part will air during Chicago PD on April 30th.

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In this week’s episode, titled “My Way”, Pulpo gets out of jail to help the Chicago PD try and take down a drug cartel but they get more then they bargained for as he turns the tables on them.

Ed and Voight have a meaning because he’s not happy with Voight’s inability work with other departments. He tells him he wants more or he’s shutting them done.

Munoz strikes again and the Chief wants to make a deal with Pulpo to get Munoz (which obviously Dawson is not happy about). Pulpo joins the police in trying to get to Munoz. Lindsey and Halstead try and find the woman that Pulpo is seeing on the side so they can use her as leverage.

Lindsey and Halstead find the number of someone that Pulpo called over 100 times in prison. She claims to not have a relationship with him, but when a small boy appears they know that she’s lying. That boy is probably Pulpo’s son.

Pulpo tells the group about the drug drop that they are working on and two men that are going to work with Dawson (who is working under cover). Their names are Benito and Robles. The first part of the plan is that Dawson has to meet up with Benito to get the truck then meet with Robles to get the drugs.

They are able to succeed and catch Robles and the drugs but they quickly find out that they were played as Munoz is able to kill 2 Ukrainian mob bosses on the other side of town instead of being there for his cut of the drug money. Obviously Pulpo had planned this knowing that Munoz would have never been there for the money.

Voight/Dawson use the woman and Pulpo’s son as leverage to get Pulpo to tell them who Munoz’s next target is (a NY leading man in the Cartel who is coming to a festival with his family). They quickly see that Munoz is going to be harder to catch then they thought as he may have had help for the shooting at the festival.

At the festival, they are able to stop Munoz before he makes his hit and Halstead takes him out.

A mysterious man shows up named Charlie looking for Lindsey. He’s looking for someone they both know named Annie, but there is something really off with this guy. He’s going to spell bad news for Lindsey.

Voight and Ed make a new deal. Ed will get 25% of what Voight gets off the street. Voight is not going to just roll over easy. He will probably be doing something to try and set up Ed or get him out of Intelligence way. He starts with having Sheldon watch Sumner.

In personal news, Ruzek finally mans up and breaks things off with Burgess telling her that he’s going to try and make his relationship with his fiancée, Wendy work. Burgess takes it hard. Too bad that Wendy doesn’t feel the same way about Ruzek. She says that she needs time apart because Intelligence has changed him and in not a good way.

It looks like Sumner is having an affair with Ed. She tries to be strong and tell him she’s not going to do anything with him until he leaves his wife but we all know what’s really going to happen. We find out who the rat is in Intelligence and it’s not who you think. It’s Sheldon and it seems like the reason why he’s doing it has to do with the fact that his dad is sick.

The end of the show ends in a bang as Dawson finds his life in peril as Pulpo escapes taking down many cops in his way. No doubt that his baby mama slipped him a gun when she was saying goodbye to him in the station.

In the next episode, the Chicago PD band together to find Pulpo and bring him to justice for what he did.

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