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"Chicago PD" 1x1 Recap: Dick Wolf hits another home run

In the first episode entitled “Stepping Stone” we pick up with the cross over episode where they introduced Segeant Hank Vought (Jason Beghe X-men: First Class) but he has left quite a legacy for himself.

Season 1 premiere of Chicago PD has all the drama and excitment we can expect from creator Dick Wolf

This show is a spin-off from the hit Chicago Fire and follows the Chicago Police department as they try and solve crimes in their city. Voight returns the commanding officer in a new precinct. He has 3 detectives working under him helping him make Chicago a safer place.

The show looks like a mix of Law and Order and Graceland. This group of cops look to be taking down not just murders but drug dealers or pretty much anyone who is bad.

This show is going to have a lot of twists and turns as we get to see the inner workings of a police department. On the surface, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of dirty cops and shady operations. We already know that Voight has been shown that he can play dirty, which is why he got this job. No doubt some of the other players will find themselves doing the same thing.

This is not going to be another Law and Order show. This is going to have a lot of drama, twists, turns, and problems that will challenge the new detectives. We can already see that they each have their own demons and problems that will leak into the show.

Here’s a recap of the show.

The show opens with Voight who takes a drug dealer out to the middle of no where and starts beating on him until he gives up the supplier, who’s name is Rev. He tells the dealer to leave and never come back.

Willhite/Dawson (John Seda - Bad Boys II) show up at work after Burgess says good-bye to her husband and 2 kids.

Lindsay (Sophia Bush - Tv’s One Tree Hill)/Halstead (Jesse Lee Stoffer - TV’s Hatfield and McCoys) get ready for the day.

Voight goes to talk to his CO about the dealer. He asks him working the Intelligence Unit after being arrested. He says a woman named Gradishar is calling about him. He warns him that he better not be a dirty cop.

Voight calls Atwater (Laroyce Hawkins - The Express)/Burgess (Marina Squerciati - It’s Complicated) in for the day.

Sheldon (Archi Kao - The Hills Have Eyes 2) talks with Voight about a dealer. Voight debriefs the group. He tells them they work in house and that he will cover for them but they can’t go over his head.

A man named Pulpo is talking with a man tied up for talking against him. Two men take him to the bathroom to kill him.

The group goes to see if Rev is home. Pulpo answers the door but Lindsay sees blood so she backs out. The group regroups and decide what to do. They go in after Pulpo but he’s gone. They find Rev’s dead body and a young boy.

The group take the boy to the precinct. Voight tells Lindsay/Halstead have to go look in database for Pulpo. Burgess gets asked to go get a diamond ring from a dead person at the morgue.

Voight scolds Halstead for going against the operation and almost getting him and Lindsay killed, then he tells Dawson to keep him in line because he vouched for him.

Voight takes Lindsay on a ride to a drug deal going on. He pretends he’s Rev so he can set up an undercover. They ask him to ‘direct traffic’ and Voight says he will contact them.

They go and see Eric Cooper. They find him decapitated.

Burgess goes to get the ring. The contact is not there but she lies so she can see the body.

Alvin (Elias Koteas - Now You See Me) brings Voight the new recruit, Ruzek. The team is regrouping about Pulpo. Lindsay gets info on where Pulpo bought his prepaid calls. She takes Halstead.

Halstead asks Lindsay about her and Voight. She doesn’t answer him. At the story, the owner tells them it’s Juan Garcia. After they theaten to arrest him for fraud, he gives them footage. On the way out, a couple of guys flirt with Lindsay and Halstead defends her honor.

Burgess delivers the wedding. She tells her to sell the ring for $350.

The group talks about Juan Garcia and see his real name is Rojas.

Lieutenant meets with Voight about the case. He tells Voight to let the kid go.

Voight tells the kid that his cousin is coming to pick him up. Before leaving, he gives the kid his card.

The unit is at a bar after work.

Voight gets a call from D’Anthony, the kid. He sees that he’s been beat up. He asks Voight to get him out.

Dawson goes to see his wife and son.

D’Anthony tells Voight about another hit. He said a guy named Xavier would know because he dealt with Rev.

Burgess brings the ring back to her Sargeant and tells her to cal the ME office who is looking for the ring.

Alvin introduces Ruzek to meet Sheldon and get him ready for the operation.

Ruzek goes to meet with a dealer. He offers him a deal to make $2000 a week. He says he can sell up at UIC. Once the deal is done, the group moves in.

Wilhitte/Dawson question Xavier. He gives up the name Shane Cameron.

Wilhitte asks Lindsay’s connection with Voight. Lindsay says that Voight saved her life.

Group is at the apartment to get Shane. Leuitenant shows up and ‘forgot’ to tell Voight about a car. Voight tries to cancel the operation but it’s too late. Wilhitte gets shot.

The black car gets away Halstead/Ruzek/Alvin go after the car.

Voight/Dawson/Lindsay put Wilhitte on an ambulance.

Ruzek/Halstead catch Pulpo.

Lindsay tells Voight that Wilhitte died. Voight attacks the Lieutenant.
Dawson tries to get Pulpo to talk about his other two guys. While talking to him, a white van shows up and kidnaps Dawson’s son.

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