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'Chicago PD' 1x02 preview: Sophia Bush teases what's coming next

Who will Lindsay date on Chicago PD?
Who will Lindsay date on Chicago PD?
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"Chicago PD" has finally arrived on NBC, and now fans are being given a look at this week's new episode, "Chicago PD" episode 1x02 titled "Wrong Side of the Bars." On Friday, Jan. 10, Spoilers Guide shared the photos released for the episode.

At the end of the series premiere, Antonio's son was kidnapped. The Intelligence unit will have to help him get his son back. He thinks the cartel is involved, and the man they have held in jail teases that his release might get the boy freed. During the episode, Voight will help Antonio use new methods to get his boy back.

The episode will also feature more interaction between Linday and Halstead, who are played by Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer. He will find out some new information about her. Sophia Bush spoke about her character and what is next on the series. Is something more romantic coming for Lindsay and her partner? Bush said the following, according to Hollywood Life:

I think it’s going to stay a friendship. I don’t know. If Lindsay were to ever have a relationship with her partner, you want to save that, right?

She did tease that fans are pushing for a romance between Lindsay and "Chicago Fire" fireman Kelly Severide. What do you think? Should a romance connect the two shows?

"Chicago PD" will continue to air on Wednesday nights on NBC.

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