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Chicago paranormal location like a type of Ghost Town to explore May 24th

Ghost Town type of location near the Chicago land area in Joliet, IL. Photos by Chicago Paranormal Host and Psychic Edward Shanahan.
Ghost Town type of location near the Chicago land area in Joliet, IL. Photos by Chicago Paranormal Host and Psychic Edward Shanahan.
Edward Shanahan, Joliet Iron Works

A hidden Chicago paranormal location to explore and experience. It could be called the Chicago land areas only Ghost Town type of location and on Saturday May 24th, 2014 at 11:30 am, it will be a time of those with the same interest to explore this Joliet, IL location known as the Iron Works area.

Joliet Iron Works - a Ghost Town type of location
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

It can be found at the intersection of Columbia Street and Scott Street in Joliet. Also can be found on Google Maps at: Joliet Iron Works Historic Site, Columbia St, Joliet, IL 60432 (intersection of N. Scott Street and Columbia St). I looked at it by way of the Earth View.

There will be no charge or sign-up needed, as this is a come out and enjoy the discovery of this one of a kind location that stands like a ghost town in an area of Joliet, IL.

Saturday May 24th, is a special day for this, as the individual coming out on this date is Joliet resident Mr. Charley Palmer as this date is the day before his brother died, and his brother was an Iron Worker.

The area in the past has showed the possibility of paranormal activity with the tools paranormal investigators had with them, including some EVPs. Chicago area Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan (who has been awarded the title of best psychic in Chicago), has been there in the past and will be showing up on this day to once again explore the location.

There will be an attempt of Spirit Communication with Charley Palmer's brother at the Iron Works using a device Edward has been using with great success for over a year now. Since others have died during the years that the Iron Works was in operation, there may be other spirits that decide to communicate on this afternoon day.

Joining in on this day to explore and experience will be Extreme Vision Paranormal, Dale Kaczmarek who is president of the longest running established Chicago area paranormal investigation team Ghost Research Society and now the longest running Chicago Ghost Tour - Excursions Into The Unknown - Haunted Chicagoland Tours said he will be coming out this day, as other investigation teams and the general public are invited as it is a free public place to explore and experience.

The Joliet Iron Works employed some 2,000 workers when production reached its peak at the turn of the century. Visitors who travel along a walking trail will be able to see the remains of the coke ovens, the tunnels that spewed extremely hot air into the blast furnaces, a skull house with ancient Roman like arches and limestone trestles that supported the railroad cars that were used to ship the molten iron.

Also to be viewed are the rock-hard piles of slag, pieces of iron ore and coal and some of the other raw materials and byproducts of the iron and steel production process also can be found on the site.

Join in on the exploring, experiences and discovery Saturday May 24th, 2014 at 11:30am.

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