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Chicago Paranormal investigation team Extreme Vision Paranormal featured

Extreme Vision Paranormal
Extreme Vision Paranormal
Extreme Vision Paranormal

by Edward Shanahan

The first paranormal investigation team to be showcased in 2014 in the free online paranormal magazine 'Paranormal & Spiritual World News' is the Chicago area paranormal investigation team: Extreme Vision Paranormal.

Extreme Vision Paranormal is a group of professional investigators based out of Northern Illinois that has been researching the paranormal collectively for over ten years all over the United States. I have worked with them many of times at different locations. I have a background as a actual Private Detective for a detective agency in Illinois and have received a job offer to get back in to it, so I do know investigations and know what to look for when others are doing it. That is the reason Extreme Vision Paranormal was the first to appear in the magazine in 2014.

The other breath of fresh air with the team is that they are not trying to run their own internet radio podcast, hustle shirts and hats, jump from investigation team to being and running for a couple weeks, entertaining ghost bus tours. Nor do they try to be everyone's buddy in the paranormal field so to feel accepted. When you are good at what you do, that does the speaking for you and to the general public, and they are the one that matter to a paranormal investigation team and should be all that matters, not who you are friends with in the same field you are.

The Paranormal & Spiritual World News magazine can be viewed here.

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